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What to do to win Bet 365 Games?

Today I will show you a strategy that will guarantee you come out of the casino profitable 93% of the time playing roulette. 

bet 365 games
bet 365 games

This strategy is called the Martin Gale strategy. And I'll be explaining how it works mathematically and whether you should be using it or not.

 So you might have heard of roulette center being played in the movies, or even played it yourself. It is one of the most popular games in the casino. 

And there's reason for it is well founded punters love it because it's easy to play and house edge is reasonably small, the casinos accept this relatively small edge, because they know it's a luck based game. 

And therefore their edge is easily quantifiable. How it works is you can bet on colors, categories of numbers, like odds, or evens, high or low, or a group of numbers like 123, or individual numbers like five, the numbers are labeled 123 618 of these are red and 18 of these are black.

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 As such, the odds will is 5050 Bet is simply too if you bet $50, you can get a return of 100 where you profit $50. Or you just lose your $50 the odds reflect how likely you are to win. 

So if you bet on individual numbers, like betting on five, then your odds will be 36. This sounds pretty fair, right? Well, not quite. There's one more number on the 37 number, and that is the numbers zero.

 And if it lands on zero, no bet whether it was placed on red, black, or any of the numbers between one to 36 inclusive, then that bet would just naturally lose unless your bet was actually on the number zero itself. 

This is how the house or the casino has an edge. Let's say you bet on red where the odds are two or there's a one to one payout. Now, instead of a 50% chance of winning, assuming the only 36 numbers. 

There's only 18 red numbers and 19 non red numbers in this case with the extra zero, and therefore your chances of winning are now 18 over 37 or 48.6%. 

This doesn't seem very fair. So how can we use Martin Gill to manipulate the statistics and increase our chances of winning Martin do is a strategy of sizing up in a methodical manner, doubling down after losing bet and stopping after you've hit a win. 

Let's see how it works with an example say I have $150 from the rest of my paycheck. And I'm taking $150 to the casino to bet on roulette to follow the modern girl strategy. 

For my first bet I'll bet $10 on one of those roughly 5050 events, for example betting on red betting on black betting on high numbers, betting on even numbers like that. Now the dollar amount is important. 

$10 is exactly one over 15 of my entire bankroll because my entire bankroll is $150. So I'll be betting $10. If I started off with a bankroll of $300, then I would start off with a bet of $20. 

Betting this proportion is important as it allows us to sustain a force that Martin girl process, which is what actually gets us the 93% chance of winning. 

So for my first bet 18 of the 37 possible outcomes are red, which is what will make me win my bet. And that equates to an 18 divided by 37, which is a 48.6% chance of a win.

 Remember, this is not a 50% because there are 18, Red 18 Black and the extra zero square, which represents the house edge the other outcome which has a 19 over 37% chance or 51.4% would cause us to lose our bet. 

If the first bet is a win, then the Martingale strategy will tell us to stop. And because we bet $10. From that bet we would have made $10 in profit and cash out there. 

Now what do we lose the first bit? Well, no problem, let's just double down this time we are betting on 10 nose, but this time we're betting $20 or twice as much as we're betting for. 

Again, we can choose any event that has an 18 or 37 chance of happening, for example, betting on red again. Or we can pick something else like betting on low numbers like the numbers one to 18 as there's no correlation between the first event 

happening and what the second event is going to be. However, for simplicity, we'll just assume we're continuing to bet on the color red, again, there's a 48.6% chance that there will be a win. 

And if that happens, the Martingale strategy will tell us to stop therefore from this $20 bet we're going to make $20 in profit, and we made a $10 loss from our first bid. 

So therefore our net profit is 20 minus 10. Or again $10. Again, there's the same 51.4% chance of a loss, but it doesn't hit read or whatever we chose to bet on. 

In this case we have lost two pets but no worries. We'll double down once more. This time bedding twice over your pet before so not a tiny nose but for data


Because this time, once again, there's a 48.6% chance that we'll win. If that happens, the mining, your strategy tells us to stop. And therefore we make $40 profit from this bet, which covers our $20 loss from the previous bet and the $10 loss from the bet before.

 So now net profit is once again 40 minus 20 minus 10, which is $10. Once more, and we'll catch up. If it results in a loss, which is once again a 51.4% chance, there are no problems or double down one small without remaining $80.

 If it hits the 48.6% chance of a win, then we make a profit of $80, covering the $40 loss, $20 loss and $10 loss from the bets before giving us once more a net profit of $10 that we can take away. 

So as we can see, the only situation where we lose money is actually when we lose four of these bets in a row, which has a 51.4% chance to the power of four chance of happening, this equates to only a 6.95% chance of occurring.

 And therefore the probability of us winning is one minus this number, which is 93.05%. So now you can be confident of leaving the casino with a win 93% of the time.

 So what I recommend this strategy to guys, absolutely fucking not, the strategy might look very, very promising. But there's another layer of maths behind it that proves it just complete dogshit. In the case that we do lose, we're not losing $10. 

But instead, we're getting wiped out as we've lost 10 or $20 $40 and $80 for a net loss of $150. Therefore, if we do the expected value calculation, which shows how much expected value we can expect, if we do this better in the long run, and the formula for that 

I explained in one of my previous videos, our expected value is 93% times $10 Positive minus 6.95% times negative $150. And as we can see, this number is negative, which means it's not going to be profitable. 

In the long run. This goes to show that we still can't be at the casino house edge, all we really done is synthetically increase our chances of winning. 

But by doing this, we have now left ourselves exposed to a huge potential loss. It's very similar to betting on for example, Nadal to be a round one opponent in the French Open where the chances of winning are very high. 

But you'd make us very small amount compared to how much you can actually lose. So what can you actually do to beat the casino.

 If you are super smart, then maybe you can be like this mathematician and use physics to predict the trajectory of the ball and calculate where it will likely end up or the area around where 

will likely end up on the roulette table just after it's been released or be like Phil Ivey, one of the top poker players who use edge sorting to spot small differences on the back of the cards and gain an advantage. 

However, you still got to get away with this as even though Phil Ivey managed to win a lot. He eventually ended up getting banned and then sued and had to pay back all his winnings for what he did. 

While they can't beat the casino. If you want to learn more about the profitable strategies that I use to beat the sports books, and betting sites in Australia, you can take a look at my sports betting cause link and everything is in the description below. 

More details are in the link in the description below where I teach you everything I do using tools and excel models to show you how you can become a better sports bettor and make money from Australian bookmakers 

So that's the basics of the marketing your strategy and how you can apply it to something like the roulette table. 

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bet365 is a well-known gambling brand, and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring all it had to offer for this review. I found an excellent selection of games from many of my favorite developers, together with some generous bonuses. I was particularly impressed by the customer support team, the mobile offerings, and the ease of banking. From the moment I signed up, I found it to be a thoroughly professional and enjoyable gambling destination. Keep reading to learn more about what I discovered.

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