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 how to bet on fanduel ? let's start

Hey sports bettors This is Bets I'm with odds And I was teach you how to bet like a sharp with the tools provided. And today we're talking about FanDuel. is a website that we use daily.

 And we're going to teach you how to open up an account how to place a wager there, kind of give you some of the fundamentals and the basics of

 how to navigate the site also through their mobile will also talk to you in a different articles and advanced articles about the promos, some of the

 alternate totals, alternate spreads, things like that you can add to your experience betting FanDuel. Okay, guys, as you first come to, as you can 

how to bet on fanduel | lavivabets
how to bet on fanduel | lavivabets

but you'll definitely know, when you go to enroll in join, if you click this button in the upper right hand corner, you're going to be able to fill out sort of a quick application that just allows you to fill in and start up an account here.

And as you choose your password and things like that any promo codes is certainly where you would use that, you're gonna go through the next phase, which we'll request to you check a geo tracking. 

And the geo tracking is some sort of downloadable plugin that you would have on your phone on your computer that allows them to make sure that you're in a state that is approved and ready to go with FanDuel sportsbook, whether it's through your 

computer at home, or on your cell phone. So that's what you'd see as you sign up very quick, very easy, takes about five minutes. 

Okay, guys, so once you get logged in, get your account set up, this is where you're going to come to and open up the accounts. 

That was what you'll see, what I typically do is come over to the promotions page here on the left hand side is going to ton of promotions all the time, and a lot of them are mathematically profitable. 

So if you have a chance to stop by here first to see if there's anything you can take advantage of. That's usually a very good idea and it just opens up. 

Again, you'll be using odds jam in combination with FanDuel. To find the best odds on particular games, different promos, things like that here on Tuesdays, you 

basically have to opt in to take advantage of this, you can opt in to take advantage of this. As you can see, there's lots of college basketball, there's the parlay, insurance, and NHL and a lot going on in the promo 

department here. So something that's always available. And you can make this your first stop if you would like to, as well as the booths.

 Again, first page opening page here, you get some different odds booths and different games and things like that. 

But let's say for example, you wanted to come here and just place a quick bet, which is what we're doing this for, I want to go through how you would read this and how I would look at this. 

Now, you'll start at the top here, at the homepage, you have a tab here for your bets, which is nice to keep track of as you do quite a few throughout the days and weeks. 

It's nice to keep track of your wins and losses here. But obviously, the games for the week here, you have some weekly specials as well as some futures bets, which you can scroll across the top here and take a look at those. 

And obviously on down here to week 14 is where we're currently at. So in this case, let's say for example, you wanted to look at just the basics, this to spread the money line and the total. Okay. 

And let's say for example, you're purely interested in, let's find a random game here, I was going to pull it out of my hat, let's take Atlanta plus three. 

Okay, so you're taking Atlanta plus three points, minus 118. And you can see on the money line on them as plus 130, the total is 43 and a half. 

So that's how you would pull that up. Let's say for example, you took Atlanta plus a three, you can place your wager size in here, let's say you're putting $25 in, it's gonna show you're gonna win 2119.

 And then in order to place this bet, again, you just have to confirm that you're logged in, and joined up and ready to go. So that's, that's simple, that easy. 

And if you wanted to change it and cancel back out of it, you just click that to take that off. And away you go, you're back to looking at other items.

 Let's say for example, you wanted to hit an NBA game, click over here to the left, the tab in the left is called football, college basketball, NHL, et cetera, et cetera. 

And let's say for example, you're interested in say a total in the NBA. All right? Say for example, you're looking at the over the nets Mavericks game. 

So once again, it's gonna let you know that you're a minus 110 on that. So if you bet 110, you'd win 100 Let's say you're betting 55 you'd win 50.

 Okay, and again, that's how simple that is to log that bet and put that in as you go forward. So that's simple, that easy. 

You have a lot to choose from and in our advanced video, we're going to talk more about the alternative lines, alternative spreads, things like that. 

And again, you have a lot more player props. Let's let's take a look real quick. That's kind of a basic part of the FanDuel site as the player prompts and you'll hit more wagers I feel bliss All right, I pulled that up you can do player points, player rebounds, player 

assists, this is where you would look for your you know, certain certain player and maybe the number of rebounds. If you think James Harden is going to be over under seven and a half for that night. 

Then you would place that wager right here, so certainly minus 140 and under seven and a half is how you would read that

Again, you can move on to different games, you can pop back over to the NFL. I'll show you how you can find a player prop on that real quick. And again, let's use your Steelers Vikings game real quick, you'd hit more wagers. 

And when you hit more wagers, this is where you're going to have a lot of the other advanced things popping up. But again, your player props are right in here.

 I will say the biggest piece of advice I can have is to get to know the site real well. Okay, so spend some time just navigating it, spend some time just taking a look around and you 

can see all the options all the totals will say you want to do a first half spread, you hit that here. Okay, so let's say you tie that you want to the Steelers first half and plus 105. 

That's how you would place that wager. That simple, okay. And again, if you want to back out of it, you certainly can. Let's say you want to go to a touchdown, player prop.

 Again, all your choices and options are up here across the heading. And let's say that you took Nagi Harris minus 140. Okay, that's it, we place that player prop bet. So pretty simple, pretty easy, pretty basic and 

standard. Again, highly recommend that you spend some time navigating the site and my next quick articles I'm gonna go through the alternative lines and some of the alternative totals and some other advanced things. 

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