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sky bet money back as cash start now 

Describe it has been in the news again several times this month for their day behavior, but it's only really scratching the surface, which is why I thought I put this Article together. 

sky bet money back as cash
sky bet money back as cash

As somebody who has seen sky bits behavior develop a lot over the last 10 years, quite frankly, this Article will be sharing the bits that they don't want you to see, which is of course, the truth. 

So let this be a warning to the average punter that possibly have a nudist Sky Bet right now that isn't aware that these things are going on. 

So starting off with five Shocking Truths About sky but in no particular order.

 Number one, the catalyst that initiated this Article now you may have seen the news earlier in the week, but sky bear have emailed self excluded customers 

promotional bonuses, meaning that they're trying to draw that custom back to their platform from people who are quite clearly addicted and have gambling harm issues. 

This is an integrity issue. This is terrible. And you'll soon see why this is an integrity issue when we move on to the further points. So the second point is Sky Bet have been known to accused winners of fraud purely through beat in their pricing.

 Now Sky Bet have the advantage, they get to sit in the marketplace, they get to choose the odds, they get to decide their own prices. 

And then when somebody beats their prices bit through time or whatever other means they decide that this is fraud, sending threatening emails to people like this on screen. 

For the average user, this would be quite alarming. But if you've received one of these, please don't worry, it's quite ridiculous. 

They're just trying to cover their asset and getting you to go elsewhere, which is probably why it will be coupled up with the third point that we want to make that's been 

happening for over 10 years now, which is consistently ignored by authorities such as the Gambling Commission, which is Sky Bet restrict winners. There's even an article here online from 2018. 

She's three years ago, and he's got a lot worse since then, by the way, where they admitted to restricted around about 3% of their customer base. 

Bear in mind, that will be a huge amount of people. Also, if you've done some match betting, you'll know that this won't just apply to people that are beating their pricing the people that are actually taking their promotional offers. 

So let that sink in for just a second. Much like this tweet from Steve where he shares a conversation with Sky bear where they say that they're quite willing to reinitiate his account as long as he's only willing to take five pence bets. 

I mean, just like Steve's analogy and the replies where else in the world would a company be able to treat customers like this if you walked into a pub a happy hour and took one of their promotional offers? 

Would it be reasonable or allowed that the pub landlord could throw you out for doing more on that in just a second. 

But if we go back to that original article where Skybet admit to restricting around about 3% of their customer base,

 you can see that Simon rowland's of the horse racing bettors forum made comment there where he said that he accepts that bookmakers should have the ability to 

restrict winning an account which I thought was a little bit odd because the horse racing bettors forum is there to represent the people the horse racing betting public, 

although also Simon rowland's is actually paid for his editorial content over on at the races which is 

Sky Sports racing website a conflict of interest perhaps I would ask him myself, although he's got me blocked on Twitter, I've no reason why I don't believe I've ever spoke to this man.

 Maybe it's just another case like other videos on this channel where I've explained what's actually going on. 

And I have been blocked and censored in response. Moving on to point four which is of course sky bits targeting practices. Now, I don't believe for one second that sky bit 

cannot target their customers effectively. They're already banning winners effectively and they're targeting gambling addicts.

 You may have seen Paul Merson on the BBC earlier on in the month where he broke down got upset spoke about his gambling 

problems in the past with a very heartfelt episode before appearing on Sky bits website a week later, with a bit of an advert attached to his name and head over or tutorial content sky bit lower than a snake's belly.

They're quite happy to use this man, a gambling addict in the past, pushing himself as a gambling addict, maybe a little bit 

hypocritical there himself with a book deal before Christmas, but they are willing to go right to the bottom and target the most vulnerable people clearly I'll finish up on that one in just a second. 

But moving on to point five Sky Bet have historically, much like many other betting companies refused paying out winning customers look at this article here from the sun online, they refuse to pay a young man that won 10,000 pounds using their platform.

 They claimed that there was multiple people using that IP address that location to place bets from and so it wasn't necessarily hurt, which is very interesting, because it comes back to the target in issue once more. 

And also an article that was released by the racing post where the head of the gambling commission made comment earlier in the week. 

He said and I quote, single customer view is about the triggers of harm behavior, not triggers of successful gambling. 

He insists if the industry tried to build that you would see intervention from the regulator because that would be going well beyond what we are trying to do. 

But clearly they're already doing it and they have been doing it for years and they're going to continue doing it and their target is very good. 

This is not Other targeting issue. This is an integrity issue with companies like Sky Bet. So this line of single customer view that's being pushed by the industry right now, including the 

Gambling Commission and various MPs is totally and utterly wrong. Furthermore, in the same article Android's also says this is not some big brother style gamblers register, it's about helping operators solve their own problem. 

Look at pubs, there's a point where a pub landlord will stop serving you often as much for your own good as it is for their business and often pubs won't serve the same 

customer either, which is quite ridiculous if we think back to that previous analogy, pubs don't throw people out the turnip for happy hour pubs don't send alcoholics free beers, pubs don't restrict low value customers because they're not profitable enough.

 And pubs certainly don't ask for three months bank statements P six D passport and all of your financial information just to buy a pint they are certainly not comparable. If you've experienced any of these kinds of things from

 Sky Bet, please let us know in the comments down below so people can see just how much this is going on. It's not the first time this has happened.

 And it's not the first company to have done either see the videos in the in screen where I share my bets with bet 365 before they 

restricted my account, stopping me from betting with them and also the affiliates of course the football tipsters affiliates, which we'll show in the screen to who are 

knowingly sending people down the garden path so they can extract money from vulnerable people under the guise of making money through betting. Clearly, they have no intention of allowing them to do that.

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