basketball betting money line

basketball betting money line  let's start

And what I'm going to do in this post, I'm going to talk to you about how you can make 1000s of dollars betting on basketball, specifically betting on basketball. 

basketball betting money line
basketball betting money line 

Now, I'm not saying this strategy only works on the NBA, or college basketball, or the WNBA. It works on all three. Or if there's some international basketball like the 

Spanish league that you'd love to bet, it would work there as well, but also work on international basketball. 

So what you see on my screen here right now is my homepage, specifically for using all the bits that I've tracked to feed into this information. 

Now baseball, I'm not giving you a post on how to make 1000s of dollars betting on baseball, because I'm still working on that strategy, as you can see here, but basketball is my best sport. 

I've literally made over 12k Betting on basketball, it's my most profitable sport, as you can see, by far, and this isn't only NBA, and this isn't only NCAA basketball, it's for the WNBA as well, it's a new season. 

But I've been tracking all of my bets for the WNBA. And I've had a ton of success. What you see here is my mats, that spreadsheet where I track all my bets posted publicly either on this post or on


I underscore Matt that has also flashed on the screen here, all of these plays. So I started tracking it, June 15. I had been placing bets prior to that. 

But I've been doing so well. But I wanted to have an official track of my specific WNBA bets that I post publicly on blog, and it's going really well. 

So my unit size for a full unit is about $200. If it's a lower level play, I'll put 75. But as you can see, six into overall across eight bets $530 in profit, 27% ROI, which is really, really good.

 And this is all from betting the WNBA. And as you can tell my basketball bets in general, over 12k 12.4. 

So that is a mix of NCAA, NBA as well as the WNBA bets that I just talked about. But this strategy specifically applies to basketball, the way it works, it's actually pretty simple. 

Number one, all you need to do, you just need to start line shopping. So what I have on the screen here is the positive end page, specifically for osteon.

 Now, I haven't filtered for basketball. But the strategy applies again to more than just the WNBA. And it's actually really not that complicated. 

So we see right here, here's a positive expected value play on the over and the ACES versus the sky, let's say in Las Vegas, Aces versus Chicago Sky. 

So just to give you the math behind this, that specifically before I get into my strategy behind it, points, that is the book that we would be betting this on at minus 110 odds.

 The Ostium line, which is pulled from the sharpest sports book in the world, this line has the most efficient betting market anywhere in which you see Ostium line, it's going to be the most efficient betting market and the sharpest lines price is this at minus 126. 

Now what's important to do before placing a bet is understand what the line is with the VIG removed. In this case, it's priced at minus 116.

 So that gap between minus 116 being the true line. And the points that line which we're betting at at at minus 110 is a profit margin of roughly 2.51%. So right off the bat, I know that this is a positive Ed bet, obviously, because I found it using Ostium.

 And also because of just the math behind it. Now the market with here being at 18 cents is well within range.

 Market width is essentially a way in which we can determine confidence and what lines are being priced at. And the lower the number the better. 

So this under 25 Being at 18 cents is perfect. That's exactly well within range. Anything above 25 is a less confident market, I might not take that one, but this one at 18 cents is perfect. 

So the next thing you need to do just right click and open in a new tab. And this is exactly what I have up here.

 It lists all the markets. It has all of the different sports books and what they're pricing this total at so the reason why this strategy works with basketball is because 

the number totals are so high that there's going to be gaps and there's going to be discrepancies and how sportsbooks price totals not every single sports book is going to have the same exact total.

 As we remember the points that line was at 174 and a half. Now let's see what every other sports book prices this app so again, we see points bet at 174 and a half.

 If we go down to 175 we see another sports book price it at 175 with minus 110 each way so that's a half point higher than the line we're betting it at on points but let's go one 

point higher at 175 and a half we see that MGM and FanDuel prices at 175 and a half FanDuel also does give you excuse me bet MGM also does give you lines for one seven 

The four and a half being at minus 120, which is still closer to the Ostium. Line.

If we go down to 176, which is a full point and a half higher than what the line we are betting it at, of 174 Caesars has it at 176, as does the Ostium line, you can see it here at 176. 

And then if we go another point higher, which is a two full points higher than what the Ostium line prices that we see DraftKings has it at 176 and a half. 

Now, two points or a half a point might not seem like a lot, but that's insane value, it's getting a total. 

So we're taking it over at a full two points lower than what another sports book prices at at. 

And no matter what if we compare across the board every single sportsbook every single one prices, this total above 174 and a half. 

So not only is this a positive expected value bet, just based on the odds itself. But also we see an insane discrepancy across the sports books. 

And this is how you can use odds jam to make 1000s and 1000s over $10,000. Betting specifically on basketball, all you need to do just opened spread markets and open totals markets.

 And you see just massive discrepancies across all the sports books. So now we have a total for this game.

 Now let's look at the spread, all we need to do is go to point spread. And let's just see what we're working with. So this one doesn't have as insane of a discrepancy as every other book does. 

But we still see some pretty valuable plates. So it looks like most books have this line price that they ace is minus eight, or minus eight and a half with that MGM having it at eight and a half. 

And then all the other major books having it at eight except for the Ostium line, which looks like it also has it at eight and a half. Same thing as the bet MGM line. 

But we see FanDuel has this priced at minus one a team. Now the odds aren't quite as juicy as the other play. And the discrepancy isn't quite as big. 

So the total play that I just talked about would be an absolute five unit mix slam, I would load city that bad boy, this one, not quite as big of a discrepancy, not as big of an Eevee play as well, with Ostium having this at minus 126. 

And again FanDuel has has it at minus 118. This I would probably do a lower three unit play as opposed to a full five unit unexplained. 

But either way, we see just from scanning across all the sports books, some just remarkable differences of how sports books not only price odds themselves, but what they price totals and spreads at. 

And that's how you can use again Oxjam specifically for basketball, the reason why basketball has the biggest advantage for this specific strategy. It's not that difficult, it's just because there are more points scored.

 Basketball, especially the NBA has totals, you know, most of them are above 200, The NFL has totals between 40 and 50. 

So one point in basketball is much, much less meaningful than one point, even in football, it's the same thing with baseball, you know, a total going from 200 to two or three is a fraction of a percent difference across all the sports books. 

But in baseball, if a total goes from nine and a half to 10 and a half, I mean that's almost a 10% difference in in what the totals at which is not going to happen.

 So you're rarely going to find examples, especially in baseball, where sportsbooks price totals at different numbers like nine and a half and 10 and a half, something like

 that, you will see it in football, mostly for spreads because football can have some higher spreads, you know, six and a half 13 and a half, three and a half stuff like that.

 So spreads is where this is mostly the most valuable. But for basketball, it's just insane. So I'm reason why I recorded this post when I did which isn't June of this, it's in the summer after the NBA season.

 It's because you should start betting on the WNBA. Like I said, it's been incredibly profitable for me over $500 in profit. And that's across eight bets of my mix slams. 

So I placed seven total mix slams, only two of them have lost and then won three units $75 Play hit as well. It's insane profit. And it's all because I'm using HDMI to line to line shot across all the different books.

 So I would 100% recommend using awesome and using this strategy to make money betting on basketball. 

And if you are if you already do this, that's great. If you're just learning now, that's still great. I would love to hear your feedback on this post in general comment on the post. 


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