how to bet on baseball


Are you looking to start betting on baseball or the MLB, but have no idea what terms like money line or the Run line means? 

Well, by the end of this article, you'll understand the three most popular betting markets in baseball and exactly how they work. It is down when you don't allow everyone to operate on fair terms. We are the Robin Hood of sports betting,

how to bet on baseball
how to bet on baseball

we take something back from the rich bookies and enable our customers to use them instead.


The first betting market we'll take a look at today, and probably the most popular one is the money line market. 

Now to explain the money line, we'll use an example between a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. 

For the Chicago Cubs to win, you can get odds of 2.15. And for the Red Sox to win, you get odds of 1.75. Let's just say we put $100 Bet on both of those teams. 

If the Chicago Cubs bet wins, you'll win $115. And if the Boston Red Sox bet wins, you will win $75 Simple as that whatever team wins the game wins the bid. 

The next module we'll take a look at is the Run line. And basically what this tries to do is create a level playing field between both of the teams.

 There's two types of run lines, there's the whole point run line and the half point run line. In this case, we'll use the whole point to start things off. 

So you can bet on either the Cubs or the Red Sox, you can either bet the Cubs plus two, or the Boston Red Sox minus two. 

So let's just say you put $100 on the Cubs plus two, that bet will win if the Cubs win the game. Or if they lose by only one point. If you bet the Red Sox minus two, that bet will win if the Red Sox win by three or more points. 

But what happens if the Red Sox win by exactly two points? Well, in this case, you have the plus two bit would make it a draw on the Cubs. 

And the minus two bet that you had on the Boston Red Sox would also be a draw. And in this case, we call that a void and your money will be returned back to you in your account. The other type of Run line is the half point run line. 

And in this case, a definite result has to occur, there's no voids or returns, there will be a result in the game in the betting markets at least.

 So in this example, you've got plus one and a half for the Chicago Cubs at 2.03 and odds and then you've got minus one and a half for the Red Sox at 1.87 and holds the Chicago Cubs bit will win if the Cubs win the game or if they lose by only one point. 

Whereas on the other hand, the Red Sox bet will win if the Red Sox win by two or more points. Before I explained the third most popular betting market in baseball be great. If you guys could give this video a like, subscribe to our channel.

 And please comment any questions that you have so far for the video. The last betting market I'll take a look at today is the total runs line which measures exactly how many runs are scored in the game by both teams combined.

 In this game, the line is set at eight runs. And you can bet either over eight runs or under eight runs. Now if we look at the betting line on this game, it is set at 1.9 in odds for each over or under. 

So if there's over eight runs, that bid wins, and then if there's under eight runs, that bid wins. But what happens if there's exactly a run score on the match, or it's kind of similar to the last example, it's a void, so your money that you staked on the game will be fully returned to your account. 

The other type of total run market that we'll look at is the half point total. So in this case, we're betting on over or under eight and a half runs. 

And like last time with the Run line example, there will be a result in this game so there's no chance of there being a void or a return of your stake.

 In this case, we've got over eight and a half runs at two or three and under eight and a half runs at 1.87. If there's eight runs or less in the game, that means the under bid will win. 

And if there's nine runs or more than the over bid will win. Pretty simple. That's all for my betting guide on baseball and the MLB please make sure you give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video subscribe to our channel. 

And as always leave a comment in the section below. If you have any questions regarding how to bid on baseball or the MLB


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